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HBPC 400ml Premium Protein Shaker

HBPC 400ml Premium Protein Shaker

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HBPC 400ml Premium Protein Shaker is the must have accessory for your natural protein. It's the perfect size shaker to suit every Henley Beach Protein Co serving size no matter which product you choose. With its transparent design, you’ll be able to see the perfect ratio of protein to water right before your eyes.

The HBPC premium protein shaker has a secure screw on lid with a snap closure, so you won’t need to worry about it spilling inside your gym bag. It is manufactured from polypropylene, which is shatterproof, odour-resistant, BPA-free and includes a stainless-steel mixing ball (not that you really need it).

*Note – The HBPC 400ml Premium Protein Shaker is not dishwasher safe and handwashing is recommended.


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